Glam Style Clip On Earrings

Just spotted!  One of our favorite bay area fashion bloggers, Connie wearing our chic Theroux Clip On Earrings. Theroux Earrings As Seen On

Theroux Statement Clip On Earrings
Theroux Statement Clip On Earrings $26.88

These gorgeous clip on earrings are definitely statement worthy and add a bit of glam to any outfit quite seamlessly. This pair comes in a gold and silver option.  The response to our clip on earrings has been great so stay tuned for more new styles in this category!

Do you wear clip on earrings? What styles do you look for in clip on earrings?

New Winter Jewelry Arrivals 1-7-14

New Winter Jewelry Arrivals

Here is a quick look at some of this week’s new winter jewelry arrivals.  It’s such a beautiful vibe to see such pretty metals mixed with fine details and pretty jewels in pretty pops of color.  Remember our selection is always small, so if you see something you like don’t hesitate to grab it sooner rather than later.

One of my personal favorites is this Hammered Black Cuff Bracelet. There is something funky yet chic going on with this cuff if I may say! It’s a no brainer that it pairs with all your winter neutrals, but let me tell you this piece looks stunning on warmer days when paired with fun colors or floral pieces.  It’s a stretch style cuff so it will easily fit smaller to larger wrists.

Hammered Black Cuff Bracelet
Hammered Black Cuff Bracelet $25


Today and tomorrow, save  20% on any order over $75.

fabulous special offer

I’m currently craving rose gold pieces as of late, what about you?


Statement Coin Necklaces

Lascaris Statement Silver Coin Necklace

Lascaris Statement Silver Coin Necklace

The Lascaris Statement Coin Necklace comes in silver and gold is definitely a showstopper. Adorn yourself with this stunning piece and you will see how fun it is to accessorize with this statement necklace.  When you transition into the Spring and Summer there is no doubt that the styling options will continue to be plentiful.  Silver is the most popular tone at the moment so order yours before they go!

Trending Chic Statement Floral Necklaces | 12.7.14


It’s true this season will bring gloomy days, but that is no reason to stop accessorizing with some chic statement floral necklaces. Below is our current lineup of popular statement floral necklaces trending right now!

The Cupertino Floral Statement Necklace
The Cupertino Floral Statement Necklace
Enchanting Marseille Necklace
the Enchanting Marseille Necklace
Buena Vista Floral Statement Necklace
Buena Vista Floral Statement Necklace

New statement floral necklaces are added to our selection weekly so make sure to check back. See a favorite? Let us know!

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