Kimono Cardigan Trend

Kimono Cardigan Trend

Kimono Cardigan Trend

2014 marks the launch of our select clothing lining. Some fun seasonal pieces have made their debut here at Mimi Boutique. Currently we are obsessing over our pretty selection of kimonos that are simply so stylish and fun.  Similar styles have been seen on some of our favorite female celebrities and we’ve hand selected some terrific styles that will enable you to emulate these looks at some reasonable price points!

See our complete selection here and check back soon for more new styles!


back to school bags

Back To School Bags

back sto school
photo courtesy
Back to School Bags

It’s that time again to start coordinating fall accessories for back to school! Just in time we pulled a few of our top picks for the fall season. These bag options are a great for shoulder or messenger style wear. We also chose our Camilla Orange Satchel for a pulled together and polished look for those off campus or work meetings.  All bags shown here are under $75.

Make sure to check out or complete handbag selection here for more options as well!

back to school bags
Clockwise: Josh Backpack, Brayden Satchel, Camilla Satchel, Celia Backpack and Sahara Messenger



summer handbag sale

Summer Sale on Bags

Summer Sale on Bags

Right now is a good time to shop for some great deals on some of our top sellers! Presently we are having a big summer blow out sale on handbags. Many of our bags are under $30 and most are under $50!

Satchels, Hobos and Purses

Select satchels, hobos and smaller purses are among our summer sale! Some of our trending favorites are shown below.

summer handbag sale
bags on sale
the Sunny Mustard Clutch Messenger
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Chic Earrings

Chic Earrings Heaven

Chic Earrings Heaven

It’s a great time to stock up on chic earrings this season! Our website has been stocked with oodles of new earrings and more are coming! From mint to gold earrings we got you covered. If your vice is statement earrings we have some great pieces as well. Shown here are a few of our current favorites, and we hope you continue to check back since new items are added daily!Chic Earrings

Glam Chic Earrings

So when you need some chic glam earrings for your next night out, consider our selection. Right now we are coveting the Melancon Peach Statement Clip On Earrings as seen below. These glam earrings add just the right touch of chicness when paired with your favorite boyfriend jeans ensemble!

Glam Chic Earrings
Featuring our Melancon Peach Statement Clip On Earrings


Affordable Chic Earrings

Most of our selection of chic earring are under $50 so you never have to worry about breaking your budget. New pieces are added weekly in our jewelry category and new items are added daily to the site so you are sure to find something cute and fresh each time you visit! Presently our most popular earring under $15 is our Zuccarelli Earring as shown here. This pair is great when worn with neutrals as well as bright colors.

Chic Earrings
Zuccarelli Grey Gold Earrings $14.88


Visit our current selection of earrings

Nars Matte Multiple Review | Laos, Siam & Vientiane

Nars Matte Multiple
photo courtesy: Narsissist on Instagram
My personal history with the Multiple

I fell in love with the concept of the Multiple (a multipurpose makeup stick which can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips) several years ago when I purchased the Sumatra Multiple.  Sumatra is a beautiful rich deep plum berry shade and looks equally gorgeous on the cheeks and lips.  Unfortunately this color has been long discontinued and I am crossing my fingers that Nars comes out with a similar berry tone in a Multiple soon! I think it is the one tone in the color spectrum that has been long overlooked!  At any rate, my experience with Sumatra is what had me fall in love with the concept of the Multiple. I love the versatility of this product.  The cost of these sticks are $39 and from experience I say the price is well worth it in performance and shelf life. I still have my Sumatra and covet it dearly! I fear the day it runs out and I will have to walk endlessly through the isles of Sephora in search of a color match. I am dreading the thought; that is how much I adore Sumatra.

Since then I’ve also acquired Malibu (a pretty mauve like brown) and  Luxor and Copacabana (which I use as highlighters and eye shadows). All shades are staples in my routine.

The New Matte Multiple!

This spring I got wind of the Matte Multiple and I  was intrigued from the start! Why?  Answer: matte. I have always paid close attention to shimmer; meaning I avoid it at all costs.  I will admit that any makeup failure in by book has always been in direct correlation to a product being too shimmery.  After enough trial and error I know what does not work for me.  With that said, I  dove right into reading the reviews on Sephora and Makeup Alley feverishly. This my friends is always proper protocol in my decision-making to purchase a makeup product. I admit I take the points of others that have taken the time to share their experiences seriously. I owe them; based on reviews my satisfaction with purchases on the internet is about 90%.

Color Choices: Laos, Siam & Vientiane

Nars Matte Multiple Review


Nars Matte Multiple Siam
Siam, photo courtesy of Sephora

I knew Siam would provide a great pop of color being a bright “poppy red” and based on the reviews I was certainly well prepared for a highly pigmented product.   Applying this color does require a certain finesse, meaning a gentle hand; I recommend watching this lovely video produced by Nars featuring Siam as it did help me get the application down right. The trick is start off sparingly and then gradually build up to your desired color.  When applied to the cheeks it provides a beautiful pop of red equivalent to a day in the sun.  It gives a nice payoff when used on the lips as well however,  I would recommend using a base lip balm or moisturizer to offset the dryness. I’ve also experimented layering Siam  with other lip colors and have found that it definitely ‘livens’ up any other red or pink hue beautifully.

Nars Multiple Vientiane
Vientiane, photo courtesy of Sephora

Vientiane is a great contouring and bronzing stick.  I do recommend this for medium skin tone. It mimics a beautiful tan when used along the hair-line and can be used as a great sculpting product along the jaw, cheekbones and nose.

Nars Matte Multiple Laos
Laos, photo courtesy of Sephora

I eventually bought Laos on a whim and have no regrets. Initially based off other reviews I thought this hue of pink would be a bit deeper. Turns out Laos is a soft pink and is ideal for every day use. This one can be used on the lips as well for a pretty matte pink; remember to use a balm or moisturizer first though as to forgo any feeling of dryness!


I strongly believe using a good face primer is key when using multiples. Find one that works on your skin best. Lately I’ve been really pleased using Korres Quercetin & Oak Age Rerversing Primer.

Also when applying fingers work best, but sometimes particularly with the bronzing Multiple (Vientiane) I find that smoothing it out with a good kabuki brush is optimal.

If you love Nars products and are on instagram I definitely recommend following their official account at: @Narsissist. I love catching the previews of new products to come!

Don’t be afraid to shop for these Matte Multiples on Ebay! You can typically save 20-45% off the retail price. Since this series of Multiples just hit the market within the last few months this minimizes any potential concern of product being outdated as well.

Final Thoughts

While there has been quite a bit of commentary about the cost on these new matte sticks (less product than the non matte Multiples) I really have to concur the argument is unfounded. Here is why: the new matte formula is HIGHLY pigmented; meaning the same amount previously applied on the non matte formula sticks is equivalent to a double dose on these new matte sticks! In this case, less is more!

My only negative feedback about the Nars Matte Multiple is regarding the tube.  After a few weeks of use the tubes on all three tubes started to blister.  I have read plenty of other comments and reviews about this one issue so I know I am not alone in this situation. I hope Nars goes back to the original tube which was much more durable.

Looking ahead I’ve heard there’s a new Matte Multiple being released as part of the Fall Collection. Can’t wait to try it!

Have you tried the new Matte Multiple or are thinking about trying it? Leave a comment below! Would love to hear from you.


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